• Decorating Tips
  • Functionality of a Kitchen

    I’ve always loved spending time in a kitchen that speaks to me both in design and functionality. As much as I love a small sweet spot in a kitchen for my morning quiet time that is comfortable and beautifully designed with colors and textures that are a treat to the eye; I always pay attention to the functionality of a kitchen as well – which is, unfortunately… Continue reading

  • Color Stories
  • Color Crush: White, Peach and Brown

    It happens so often that something you’ve already seen many a times still catches your eye when you see it next time – and makes you smile. Its called admiration. This oh-so-gorgeous color combination of white, peach and brown does that whenever I come across and certainly when I saw this image here, it just made me smile – for two obvious reasons; firstly the colors of… Continue reading

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Lovely Garlands and Wreaths

    Garlands and wreaths have always been a huge part of celebrations and decorations and wow, how creative people get with them that they just make you forget to blink! Its holiday season in half of the world and Christmas is just around the corner – people have started to prepare for it already and the magazines and blogs are flooded with creative ideas and recipes, just like they do… Continue reading

  • Inspiration
  • Crush: Farmhouse Style Bedrooms

    I like the idea of farmhouses – they have just the kind of look that makes me feel like I’m on a dream vacation. A calm and quiet place with lots of natural light, neutral tones, airy furnishings with lots of natural accents. The whole place works like food for your nerves. Whenever I see a cottage or farmhouse style home, I’m instantly drawn to it for the good… Continue reading

  • Things to Love
  • Terrain; Serving Trays and Platters

    I am a huge fan of serving trays and platters – I love serving food in different kinds of gorgeous platters creating kind-of-a-theme across the table. It creates so much interest with all those different designs and colors in different materials; like wood and ceramic and stoneware and so many more. What beautiful color stories they come up with combined with beautiful colors of food, right?

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Woven with Love

    I am noticing some great and gorgeous woven goodies in magazines these days. It seems like they’re trending and it’s great to see that happen because woven handmade things for home have always been my favorite. They look beautiful, they look natural, they have a personal touch and last longer than we think.

    Woven wall hangings

    Design Sponge

    Every home

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