Getting Acquainted with Coral!

Coral is such a great color – with a lot of passion and energy at its core. But I am one of those who would have to think twice before start playing decorating with it because I am more for cool and calm color palettes with subtle and happy feeling but with a character. I don’t feel comfortable in places that have a lot of high energy colors or high contrast tones, though they are great to live with for those who are kind-of highly ambitious and energetic or maybe hyperactive, so to say.

Inspiration -- coral color for home decor

Better Homes and Gardens

So I thought of getting out of my comfort zone for a while and get a healthy dose of inspiration of color using coral. Sometimes, exercises like this are great for people who love art and craft of any kind because there is always something for them to learn and take away from these exercises, plus as a bonus, there is always a new idea or inspiration that can help getting better in your own way. It can always give you confidence to come up with something great that might be a sweet surprise for yourself – besides, its a great way to let your imaginations go free.

Coral has a beautiful sense of attraction – and a lot of character in it. In bright hue; it goes from sophisticated to glamorous. Talk about style and class! But if used in a pale and soft tone; it works great as an interesting neutral base! A perfect spot for fun to get started. Its a great source of inspiration to make a statement both ways…

Inspiration -- coral color for home decor


Sometimes coral looks like it has a feminine touch; well it has, but then again mixed in a small amount with grey and navy, I imagine a great palette that could work for everyone with added value of textural accents and plants to create a balance.

Inspiration -- coral color for home decor

Two Twenty One

Its a happy color – coral! Adds a right amount of interest in a boring room and the best thing is; it goes with a lot of colors which makes it an even better choice for those like me who use hues carefully not to make a space yelling at with colors.

Inspiration -- coral color for home decor

House Beautiful (Instagram)

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