How Cute is that Shade!

I came across this beautiful bedroom today and it totally got me into a light happy summer mood. Though the first thing that caught my eye was that lamp shade on the roof. That’s what made me stop and give this room a second look and that’s when I fell in love with it more.

Lampshade in a bedroom

Molly Madfis

First about the lamp; I have always loved having a bamboo lamp shade in the entry. I love the subtle and warm ambiance it gives. I already imagine it in a small entry lit with a dim light… a round rug beneath it…. a wooden drawer chest on the side with a couple of photographs on it with a vase maybe; and a small fig plant in a large pot sitting besides the chest. That’s quite like how I would love to decorate an entry right now.

As for the room; where should I start… I love everything about it. Colors… textures… visual balance… light… and of course the calmness. All things neutral are making their mark very rightfully here. Everything just seems to play its part to complete the whole look.

“I’d love to read Pride and Prejudice in this room some afternoon”

Although, I’d probably have it as my guest room, mainly because of its simplicity. I believe a guest bedroom should always be decorated simply because not everyone likes to stay around a lot of stuff, but a simple room could work for everyone. Besides, there should always be room for the guest’s stuff as well, right?

And nevertheless, when there are no guests staying over, there should always be a sweet spot in a home where one could hide for an hour or so…

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