5 Essential Things for an Entryway

I am fully aware of the importance that an entryway beholds – so much so that it sets the ground for what comes up ahead. It opens the doors to inner beauty and taste of the owner. Its the first thing that gives you the familiarity with the air; you can even smell the happenings around the house from that far! It tells the one who enters how much the whole home is being loved and how loving are the people living there. So; it shouldn’t be surprise that a lot of care is needed to decorate it. But nevertheless, there still is a recipe to decorate it in a more functional manner because even when it doesn’t do any practical job for the owners; because they just pass through it while going in and out – it still could be made to do some job.

5 Essential Things for Entryway Decor

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I really meant when I said entryways set the ground. Its the first place that make you feel home when you’re home. Even when your friends come over, they instantly see you even before they see you in person; a well decorated entryway could do that.

Every room and nook in a home is decorated with a practical approach in mind – making the best use of the space. Any designer or home maker can tell you that. Because the space is meant to live with; day in day out. It doesn’t need to be “magazine worthy” because its not meant for styling and flashy photo shoots anyway.

When I dived into my imagination to find out what I would like to have in an entryway, I found lots of ideas but, having a practical approach, I listed out these 5 things that would set the ground and do the welcoming job;

1. Mirror: Now that is indeed an “old-fashioned” idea! But only think – what lady won’t love to have a final look before stepping out in the world. At least to make sure the coat and scarf are in right place.

5 Essential Things for Entryway Decor

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2. Storage: Its the heart of every well managed and well organized home. And entryway cannot be an exception. Having a storage space in entry can always help; even if you can’t think of anything particular to keep there in the beginning. You’ll see the space filled in no time organically with things that you need to keep handy while going out – the ones that are not that cute to be displayed on the entry table maybe…

5 Essential Things for Entryway Decor


3. Lighting: I am a huge fan of a well lit home. Its the first thing that I notice; always. I firmly believe that if a room is not blessed with good lighting then there is no point in decorating it with all-things-pretty! And if that room is not that well decorated, even then good lighting is never to be compromised.

5 Essential Things for Entryway Decor

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4. Seating: It could be an option but then again, having a small seating arrangement in entry could be useful, its one of those things that you can’t guess when it could save you, you know.

5 Essential Things for Entryway Decor

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5. A personal touch: That’s one thing which would make that small passage yours – truly yours. Remember when I said your friends would know its you when they enter your home? This is what I was talking about; because that’s where the magic happens. If you ask me I would (and I imagine) having a small gallery of family photos in black and white in the entry. How many? That absolutely an individual choice. It could be just one in a beautiful frame with a vase of flowers and a few accessories and a piece of organic element beautifully arranged on a console (speaking of which, maybe a drawer chest would do well since it will offer lots of storage as well). But as for pictures, I would go for lovely smiling faces in black and white. They somehow have a fascination that can’t be explained; or I’m lacking words as I write this… But the point is; there should be a personal touch – something that is known for being you, something that is a reflection of your life and taste, and closer to your heart.

5 Essential Things for Entryway Decor

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These five elements I find quite essential are just a beginning – the world is open to the best possibilities of all for decorating this small space that normally is just to pass by but if given some love, can love you back; every single day when you come back home.

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