A note from a notebook

I have been a huge fan of keeping journals, of list-making and note-taking since my school days. Back then, I used to have a journal to keep track of all the things that needed to be done. Still do so – and generally I make my to-do list for the next day at night and also take notes (if any) for work. When I was in University, we were taught a technique to prioritize things on that list and it has stuck with me since the day. It keeps me sane calm and organized, and especially helps with the time management. Last night when I was taking notes for a post, I realized how we have all become so much enslaved by the technology that the happiness and satisfaction of writing by hand has gone away.

Inspiration for writing a journal

Can you relate too? Yeah I know. Keeping a journal is such a blessing. You don’t have to remember all at once and then feel like you’re brain is heavy like a sucked-up sponge. It feels so much lighter to put everything in a notebook and then refer whenever you need it.

But, its not just about making grocery lists and sticking them up on the fridge, its about that connection between heart and hands that many of us had when the apps were not around. Journals were kept to record the days and put our hearts out on paper with all the details that we need to remember and even for the kids to look back and remember in the times to come. They were even our best friends, things that couldn’t be told to anyone were recorded in journals and hidden them away in a drawer. Times have changed. Few people still keep journals today for different purposes but I think this is something that everyone should do (even in their own way) and most importantly, inculcate this idea in kids to make them more visual and creative. Yes, writing by hand, whatever is in your heart wakes up that lazy creative being in you and makes you see things with the third eye; your heart’s eye.

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