Color Crush: White, Peach and Brown

It happens so often that something you’ve already seen many a times still catches your eye when you see it next time – and makes you smile. Its called admiration. This oh-so-gorgeous color combination of white, peach and brown does that whenever I come across and certainly when I saw this image here, it just made me smile – for two obvious reasons; firstly the colors of course, and second I happen to be a cat loving person for as long as I can remember. Yes, I’ve grown up in a house full of cats and kittens and though I don’t have a cat now in my home, my love for meows is still on the same level.

Color crush -- white, peach and brown

The colors – white, peach and brown; have been my favorites for quite some time and I love to play with them together. They have a classic glamorous vibe that can never seize to make me fall for it…

Image: Emily Henderson

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