Crush: Spring Color Palette

I was browsing through Pinterest yesterday, and oh my, my feed was like choked with pins from Anthropologie! I haven’t visited their website as yet but I think they have launched lots of new summer collections and look books in many categories and that too, with the most amazing things both in home and fashion; well these two are my point of interest for now so I seriously need to go to their website for more and more inspiration and ideas. But before that, while I was at Pinterest, I saw this color palette from Better Homes and Gardens and fell crown-over-toes and to-the-moon-and-back in love with it. Its happy, its fresh, its energetic, its lively and it can be used in the simplest ways to create a space of your dreams. Its just a matter of a little brainstorming which my head is already busy doing so I might come up some pretty ideas to use this palette but before doing that I really need to save it for further reference because I might want to come back and look at it again and again!

Color palette -- spring inspiration

This palette-in-pretty is the creation of Courtney Singleton, an Interior Designer who named it Spring Renewal with a never-goes-wrong approach. How true! This palette is not newly created this year but it is new to me plus timeless and I find it absolutely gorgeous for a summer living room with large windows to welcome in a lot natural light making these colors happier together – in complete harmony with what lies outside your window, which is indeed the true reason of inspiration behind it.

I loved her approach; Courtney’s, when she said “nature never makes mistakes” because I myself am a true believer in that. Nature is the best source of inspiration and it never disappoints you when you ask for it!

Image: Better Homes and Gardens

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