Decorating the Bookcase – Playing with Colors

Color is a nothing but a blessing that we can’t be more thankful to Nature for! The sweetest of spices in life – it brings out the beauty in just about anything.

I hardly mentioned color in my last post here when I was talking about arranging bookcases. But the truth is that it is as important in decorating bookcases as a whole room in a home. Meaning thereby – there are certain rules of color when it comes to decorating and styling a bookcase and it all starts right from the beginning; when you’re selecting a bookcase!

Pick out the one that goes with most of the color schemes used in your home. It might be moving around the house (if its not a built-in) every year from living room to bedroom or most probably to the home office. It has to be something that could fit in easily.

Though, the built-ins are becoming more and more popular with the home owners but they couldn’t be a favorite with the rentals… keeping all possibilities at hand never disappoints one. However, there is always plenty of inspiration that built-ins, beautifully decorated and styled could provide.

Inspiring color scheme ideas for decorating bookcases

Emily A. Clarke

Inspiring color scheme ideas for decorating bookcases

Better Homes and Gardens

Inspiring color scheme ideas for decorating bookcases

House to Home

Sticking with a consistent color scheme is always a safe choice and in case of bookcases, it becomes a much fun practice. Starting off with two main colors, add in a neutral one and add layers in small pops of color. I presume this recipe would do good with the ones who are just trying their hands on layering and styling in a small space. The smaller the space; the more challenging it is to tell a story with all the details. I believe; and that too with all my heart that decorating a bookcase is like telling a story with characters, colors and images that indeed exhibit sense of taste and love of the decorator…

Inspiring color scheme ideas for decorating bookcases


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