Decorating the Bookcase – The Inspiration

I don’t remember when I started to love reading books since there are not many keen readers in my family, so I certainly can’t relate how I got the habit — only that I am happy to have it and then writing and the love of decorating joined the list of my affections.

Being new to fundamentals and principles of decorating and I’m never shy to mention that I’m learning because the first rule, so to say is to be aware of being ignorant and be open to all the knowledge that comes your way and could help you with whatever it is that you wish to learn; I thought I should definitely gather up a few ideas and tips of decorating bookcases. Much fun! They are a perfect canvas for playing and experimenting with your creative guts.

Bookcase decorating and styling

Bookcases are like a child’s drawing book. They can be filled with amazing stories and styled with color, personality and character. They give you all the freedom to open up your heart and bring out the best of your imaginations and then, before you know it, you can turn on the page – take everything out of it and start all over again with a new inspiration and concept – only to tell an entirely different story.

That’s how lovely designing and decorating bookcases are. Having said that, I’d love to spend this week gathering up simple ideas and tips to decorate and style a bookcase, so that when I design and decorate my own, I’ll have some tips at hand.

Image: Finding Home

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