Grace and Joy Turns 1!

Its today! Grace and Joy turns 1! It was just yesterday that I started this new blog with new hopes and lots of love and now… as I write these words, it has been a whole year – which seems as if it has passed in just a blink of an eye.

First Birthday


Hundreds of bloggers around the world have celebrated their first year with gratitude to their readers and those who inspired them in their early days; and I couldn’t find a better way to celebrate mine.

I started off last year in quest of inspiration for a better, simple and beautiful home and above all for the love of writing. This blog has given me not only confidence and improved my taste but also a direction for many years to come. It has given me joy.

Another thing that I learned through this blog was to let go… let go of being unique… being different… and being able to change the world in your own way. It has inspired me to go slow and learn along the way because letting go brings clarity of mind and – most importantly it brings hope.

So, heartfelt thanks to many many people whose incredible works have inspired me… taught me, gave me hope, and kept this blog alive. Though they do not know it but they have done a huge service and continue to do so every single day because it gives them joy…


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