Grace and Joy turns 2!

Time flew and Grace and Joy turned 2 today. Still seems like just a while.

Last year I wrote about inspiration and being grateful to all those amazing people who inspire me everyday and for having this blog… for being able to write.

This year, its about joy of the journey.

Grace and Joy turns 2

Cristina Colli

They say that the journey itself is as much enjoyable as the destination. True that! As I am getting into the habit of writing everyday, the process of its becoming my second nature gives me immense joy. It feels so amazing to look forward to write… and fulfilled at the end of the day to see how a freshly written piece came about.

I feel writing is like meditation. It needs calmness of mind and focus and then as you let the words flow… letting them out, putting them on a paper feels so much lighter. Its like home-coming after a long day…



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