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I came to know about last year; after a week of their launch. A pleasant experience it was to visit their website and know their philosophy. Its a brilliant idea – bringing together makers and tastemakers to promote talent and creativity in the best possible way and making shopping one of an enjoyable experience. Win + Win! What else could one dream of!

Artists have talent and blogs have traffic. The duo makes a wonderful combination and this is what is all about. Tastemakers and bloggers create their own boutiques and add pretty things in them from different makers from around the world making it easier for shoppers to find what they want against a commission. I mean, these bloggers are the ones that people trust to find out the best from the creative world and make it accessible. Its like going for shopping and having a second opinion before you make a purchase. Brilliant! Isn’t it? Wish someday I could open up a boutique at too.

Its a wonderful idea in itself. The world is filled with the most creative beings with their great ideas and imaginations and the courage and resources to turn them into reality. But its not always possible to reach potential customers – despite of world being a global village – customers who’ll love to take your creations home and love owning them as much as the artist loved creating them. is a source of joy and satisfaction for the artists and makers who can come together on one platform to make the best use of their talent.

Shopping is every home owner’s dream job. I mean who wouldn’t love to find all the pretty handcrafts in one place. Its such a pleasure and so much easier. So, in honor of this wonderful website and its purpose, thought I’d gather up a few favorite shops at – filled with the loveliest of all things. -- Avenue Lifestyle -- Country Living -- decor8

Images: (The products may or may not be available any longer)

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