Green as New Neutral

When it comes to create a neutral balance in colors and visual weight in a space, with accessories of course, my favorite thing to do is to add a bunch of plants or flowers. I am yet to meet a space that looks beautiful but lacks this little charm of life. Plants and flowers add life – they freshen up the whole space – they soothe the moods – and not to mention they calm down the nerves after long days. They are miraculous.

Green as new neutral

How to Decorate

I just mentioned creating balance in a space with plants. That is so true – they are a new neutral because they can calm down a space that has bold and dark colors, and yet at the same time; they can cheer up a space with neutral boring tones. Well, neutrals are not boring to me, I feel happier around neutral tones with a lot of character and texture…

Talk about sunlight – what a marvelous combination they make in a space with plants. I am not talking about sunlight being food for plants and flowers, but it is the look that the two together create in a room.

Green as new neutral

Ballard Designs

Green as new neutral


Nature always affects our nerves in all positive ways. Its about balance and creating a neutral effect that looks great to both eyes and heart.

Add a couple of plants or a beautiful vase full of flowers to your home and see the magic happen.

Green as new neutral

Simplified Bee

Green as new neutral

Better Homes and Gardens

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