In Search of Self…

They say you have to know to share…couldn’t agree more, but what if you don’t know and want to know… more and more… what if you want to know and then look back in gratitude some day to see how far you’ve come, how much you’ve learned, and in how many great ways you can help yourself and others around with all that you know now…

A couple of months ago, when the mere idea of this blog was conceived, it was the not-knowing that gave me the confidence to learn and share. It was only then that I let go of the idea of knowing and sharing something unique, something that hasn’t been shared and hasn’t been said. And the journey of blissful ignorance began…!



Blissful ignorance… it’s a blessing. It lets you set off in search of your own self, find your instinct and listen to your heart. Learn… know… share… and be grateful.

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