Little Handmade Notes To Say Something Special

Because holiday season is going to start across the world in a few more weeks… and because my birthday has just passed a week ago(!), I think its the best time to start thinking and talking about gifts. And with that, I am totally into the idea of putting up little handmade notes on gifts and presents for loved ones. I think I should start learning a bit about hand lettering – its fun, its creative, its personal and its easy. Well, not that much but I can surely give it a try. Its such a cute way to say something nice and meaningful.

Putting up little handmade notes to gifts


Long time ago, during school days, I always loved giving personal touches to presents for my friends’ birthdays – like showing up at their places with homemade cakes or giving them little surprise gifts , you know, the ones that they would open and go rolling-on-the-floor-laughing kind. It was so much fun! And in return, I used to get the best surprises – not to mention birthday bumps right in the middle of the street. Those days! MEMORIES! Just last month, one of my best friends and I were talking about one such occasion and laughing as if years never mattered.

But now, times have changed. Life has taken a different course for everyone… taking some of  them to far off places. But thankfully, the connection is still there and WhatsApp and skype always come handy, so we are not so close but still close enough to talk about times.

Times have changed indeed but I still love to pass on personal messages to my old and dear friends and they always expect and look forward to what I would be saying to them this year. I too, always look forward to say something special to them. Worth waiting!

And then, there are times when distance doesn’t matter… little handmade notes attached to a gift are such a beautiful way to say something special. Well… well… there isn’t always a need for an occasion for that, is it?

I love those smiles and sparkling eyes when they see these notes even before they open the gift.

The best part is…. sometimes, people save those notes for years as a token of love to remember those days… that were as normal as any other but were special in a way. How little things bring happiness!

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