Making Decorating Mistakes

It could be a disaster… but the one you love!

Celebrate your freedom

Cristina Colli

Every home owner or designer has gone through the process of making decorating mistakes and learning from them in their lifetime. We imagine… go shopping…. bring something beautiful home…. place it or hang it or arrange it the way we want to… step back… and look at it in awe… of course with a dropped jaw because it looks awful… and ugly… and… not beautiful… not the way we imagined it would. Well, it happens all the time.

But then, there are times when we go through the same process… make a mistake… but its not really a mistake because it looks amazing. Sometimes even better than we had thought. I am thinking of those times right now.

“Celebrate your freedom – do what you love – what makes you happy.”

Feel free to make mistakes – its your home anyway. Its perfectly fine if that painting is hung a little above the eye level – as long as it feels good to you, or maybe the arrangement of that gallery in the living room is a little off balance. In fact, do get out of that lovely comfort zone of yours and experiment with different ideas. Besides, what else could be a better way to learn!

The only thing to take care of, as I believe quite obviously is – to take baby steps. Even if you enjoy the sweetness of having an enormously large budget to decorate your home from scratch, its better to make mistakes and learn along the way, but gradually. Start with small things… play around with them… create, abandon, create again, make changes, forget about the rules and see what goes with the flow… what feels right to you. It doesn’t matter if its not the perfect design or it doesn’t look like what you saw on that favorite blog of yours – its your home, love it… feel it… make it yours… in your own way. Forget about how it looks, if it makes you happy and feels like yourself, the ones who love you will love it too. Eventually!

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