Mirror Mirror on the Wall

They have been around for a very long time – mirrors on the wall as a decorative item. They could be the best thing to do with a room if you can’t think of anything unique and spectacular; or maybe short on a budget. How convenient!

One thing I can’t live without in a home is good natural light and ventilation, and a mirror, that too a larger one, work wonders to enhance former in a room. It would especially do great in a small space with less light to make it look larger, brighter and illuminated. This makes mirrors a favorite with many designers and home owners, despite of its being an old school trick.

But even then, there is always something new and different that could be done with something that is so old-school-ish; like adding some kind of art or architectural detail to a mirror. All my admirations are with this gorgeous large window mirror below! Its unique, its spectacular and its convenient in its own way.

Decorating with large mirrors


The best thing to do with a mirror is to hang or lean with a larger wall. It would not only fill the space but would also create a visual balance in a room.

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