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Hello, and a happy new year!

urbaani Textiles -- Australia

Since its the second day of new year, I thought I should share the prettiest and happiest find during last few days. Textiles are always a favorite and easiest go-to to update a room  – and if they are in cute pop-y colors and unique designs that just move you, then it’s the best thing in the world. I came across urbaani a couple of weeks ago and just loved their approach in homewares and textiles.

urbaani is a wholesale company run by two long-time friends who share the love for building spaces that are personal and tell stories of being loved. They bring together designers, curators and artists from around Europe and Scandinavia who specialize in creating designs that are truly unique and inspired from our daily lives — putting their hearts and souls in their work to bring life and joy to homes where their creations start their new lives and become a part of their owners’ days.

urbaani Textiles -- Australia

urbaani Textiles -- Australia

Their philosophy truly moved me because this is what a home is; filled layer by layer with the things we adore to our heart’s core. We all love to gather up things around us that inspire by being “us” and become part of our daily lives…and not to mention, put a smile on our faces every time we see them!

urbaani Textiles -- Australia

urbaani Textiles -- Australia

images coutesy: urbaani homewares

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Homemaking; a bliss

It never occurred to me before but I’ve always been inspired by a few women in my life. They’ve had a great influence on me for as long as I can remember. All of these wonderful women were brilliant homemakers and they took pride and joy in what they did…loving their homes. None of them is with us now but even years after they passed over, many people still remember their homes. Even after years, I hear stories about how they looked after their homes and families and it made them nothing but happy… one of them was my mother; who was not only a living example, an inspiration for me, but she also shared a lot about other beautiful homes with me that she knew. A huge part of what I am today is because of her…and I can’t be more grateful.

It was from these women that I learned what a bliss homemaking is. It’s creative, its hard work and it has all the pleasure, accomplishment and satisfaction that any job can have. I realized this only when I myself, too came out of a corporate profession to find my pride in a home.

Living room

Better Homes and Gardens

Homemaking is a bliss, its a blessing and a great joy. Take pride and be grateful if you have a home to love.

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In Search of Self…

They say you have to know to share…couldn’t agree more, but what if you don’t know and want to know… more and more… what if you want to know and then look back in gratitude some day to see how far you’ve come, how much you’ve learned, and in how many great ways you can help yourself and others around with all that you know now…

A couple of months ago, when the mere idea of this blog was conceived, it was the not-knowing that gave me the confidence to learn and share. It was only then that I let go of the idea of knowing and sharing something unique, something that hasn’t been shared and hasn’t been said. And the journey of blissful ignorance began…!



Blissful ignorance… it’s a blessing. It lets you set off in search of your own self, find your instinct and listen to your heart. Learn… know… share… and be grateful.

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Welcome to Grace & Joy!

Hi there and very warm welcome to a new beginning; Grace & Joy!

I found this little nook of web in hope to find inspiration and share my ideas and opinions in home and design since I am a home maker and admire simple, happy and fresh places that are not just beautiful but they also tell a story and are a pleasure to be in. Hence grace and joy!!

I am not an interior decorator nor I claim to be one; I’m just an ordinary person learning design, decoration and everything about them gradually by myself. Never did it occur to me during my college days that I should study design so I went to study business, but then, fate as we call it, took a turn and I found my pleasure and pride in a home…

I don’t know how this blog will grow, where it will lead or what it will become after months or maybe year(s) — that only time will tell but I know that this blog means to me and it will be a huge part in my life, something that I will cherish in the times to come…

Hope to see you around, and again!

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