Plain Old Rugs

I always happen to have a love hate relationship with rugs. As much as I love the way they uplift a room, the time and energy it takes to maintain them bothers me as well. But who doesn’t love to take all that trouble when something makes your home look happier and beautiful even when they are just plain old rugs (or maybe a jute rug would do good).

Plain old rug inspiration

House of Turquoise

That states another of my admirations in a home – plain rugs. Even if they don’t have a character of their own, well apparently; they could be a great tool to move the eye and define a room. Not to mention, they could work as a wonderful base to start creating layers around the room. And that is the best use of them; they work as a perfect base. Despite of the maintenance they need, I believe every home deserves one of these. You never know, when they could be of use. But there’s one thing that should be well considered before getting a new rug – the size. It could be tricky to decide on the size (more word on that some other day), but as for now, it would be a lot safer to have one normal 9×12 size that could generally fit a normal conversation area.

When on one side plain rugs are a perfect base, they could be great with the texture – they can instantly make a room look a lot more cozier and warm, and that really works wonders sometimes.

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