Reiki Candles: A Simple Way of Radiating Positive Energy

As I write these words, I sense sweet vanilla scent in the room coming from a candle, its so calming; no not just the scent, but – Reiki! Because I have energized it with Reiki. It keeps radiating natural energy while its burning; and its such a wonderful feeling to have the room filled with positive energy that’s nothing but a lovely gift of nature; warm, cozy and balancing.

Well, this post is not going to be a decorating kind, but in a way it is, for its about filling your home with love, light and positive energy; which is as important as decorating a mantle or arranging furniture in the right order or decorating the book shelve with the things you love because looking at them everyday makes you happier and proud of having them. Its like making your home look pretty and make it warm, cozier and welcoming. Such is a home where your heart warms up, your mind is at peace, your soul feels lighter and you feel positive and love being yourself.

Inspiration -- Reiki candles

We have been practicing Reiki at home for over a decade and it has become a lifestyle; a second nature. Well, it is a lifestyle. Its an energy that brings balance in our lives, our health, our minds, our relationships and in home too. Balance is so important because we come across and go through so much in our lives these days that we keep losing ourselves time and again; hence Reiki always comes in handy!

Back to candles! They are such a wonderful way to create a mood in home with a sweet aroma, to make it warm and cozy and to let positive energy move through your home. Really! We’ve been doing this (energizing and lit them) for quite some time and love the results. It just fills the room with subtle positive energy that makes you feel lighter, healthier and happier. We even tried it with family and friends who were going through a health issue or hard times otherwise and it has worked amazingly.

We make so much effort to make our lives complicated! Gathering up pretty things that we hardly need and doing things that bring us material pleasure (but actually are mere burden on ourselves), yet we never tend to feed our spiritual beings with what really matters! We have so many energies working in our surroundings, both good and bad and they keep influencing us throughout our lifetimes and we hardly ever notice how they affect our homes, our lives and our health. So there must be something that we could do to maintain the balance and to keep going and that something is Reiki – because it’s a great gift of nature that helps with all aspects of life; make us more of a positive being and assist in seeing things with clarity… which is something that’s so very much needed in the times of our lives.

Image: The Every Girl

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