Simple Table Setting for Fall Dinners

As I think of a gathering for dinner on a quiet chilly evening in the fall – I see a warm and quiet living room… dim lights… cozy layers… spicy scents and across the room… a beautiful dining room with simple table setting – and gosh! that aroma coming out of that kitchen door! Yes, the real winner on a dinner night is the food indeed but – how a dinner table is set and decorated is no less important and there is so much pleasure in doing it and so much creativity.

Simple elegant table setting


I’ve been stalking for inspiration, moods, themes, colors and creative ideas to set a dinner table for fall and winter too because it’ll be here in no time (I can’t wait for winter to arrive), but every time I find something good and interesting enough an idea to try, I always come down to simplicity. Imagine a simply decorated dining table, candle lights and good food – did I mention the aroma? I just love the smell of hot traditional food. Is there a match to this combination, I think not.

This simple yet elegant dinner table above is making me fall for it again and again. It would look so lovely in summers but with little changes here and there it will definitely go for fall and even winters too. This gets so many ideas to popping in my head already.

And of course, since simple things are the merriest… small note tags on gifts are making a special corner in my heart… I’ll be sharing a little post about them in a while…

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