Textured in; Lovely Shades of Gray

I spotted this gorgeous room corner over at Pinterest and instantly wanted to have it in my home. Its the kind of spot that I was just talking about yesterday; remember? Well, its a different one but its so simple, quiet, warm and cozy; a place where you can sit for some quiet time to do a light meditation maybe or just relax by the window with a book, natural light and a great view. It must be a wonder that I just mentioned meditation, but I think I’ll get back to it some other time…

Decorating with Gray

Moods change – and for good! Its a law of nature and Mother Nature follows this rule every few months because that is the sweetness of life and so we get to see so many moods in days – sunny, or rainy, or cold breeze, then weeks under white snow or maybe just gray. But if the moods don’t change; all flavors and excitement from our lives will go away and that is the last thing that anyone could want. When in home, it could always be a good start (and challenging too) taking baby steps in getting out of your comfort zone and trying something that is unusual but makes you happy from time to time. Surely there are things that don’t interest us always but even then, they seem to draw our attention after weeks, change our mood and be refreshing. This room, all in gray could be a little offset but its a great place to let go of love of color and contrast and think out of the box for a while.

Colors are so important in our lives and in our homes; they drive our moods, make us happier and make our homes look full of life. But change is always good. Sometimes, making neutral choices in color could be more subtle and calm both for eyes and mind because a home is where peace is. And nevertheless that can be made interesting – with textures. Its not boring though.

This peaceful nook makes me love neutral gray tones more. Decorated in tone-on-tone gray with textures and character! The textures! I love the way how they have been used to keep a balance for the eye to move from the wall, to the chair; then the rug, to the ottoman and flowers and focuses on that cushion. That cushion is really interesting. Its a great way to work with one color, bringing in accents inspired by the nature. And I particularly admire the curtains in this space – they have a lovely swirl-y and geometric pattern that makes everything more interesting. Its a magical place to spend some time away and be yourself.

Image: Better Homes and Gardens

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