Welcome to Grace & Joy!

Hi there and very warm welcome to a new beginning; Grace & Joy!

I found this little nook of web in hope to find inspiration and share my ideas and opinions in home and design since I am a home maker and admire simple, happy and fresh places that are not just beautiful but they also tell a story and are a pleasure to be in. Hence grace and joy!!

I am not an interior decorator nor I claim to be one; I’m just an ordinary person learning design, decoration and everything about them gradually by myself. Never did it occur to me during my college days that I should study design so I went to study business, but then, fate as we call it, took a turn and I found my pleasure and pride in a home…

I don’t know how this blog will grow, where it will lead or what it will become after months or maybe year(s) — that only time will tell but I know that this blog means to me and it will be a huge part in my life, something that I will cherish in the times to come…

Hope to see you around, and again!

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